Mustard Potato Salad Recipe

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Although potato salad is a dish that generally doesn’t get brought out until Memorial day, I think of it as an all season recipe because the ingredients can be found in your pantry all year.  When fresh dill is available it’s even better and then can be considered more of a summer indulgence.

Growing up I wasn’t a big potato salad fan because most of the time it’s made with too much mayonnaise, a condiment I like only in very moderate portions and never so much that I feel like my mouth is full of it.  This potato salad recipe has only a half a cup of mayonnaise and just as much mustard which gives it just enough creaminess to compliment the potatoes and the sharp tang of mustard shines.

Mustard Potato Salad Recipe

makes 6 servings


8 medium red potatoes, cubed
1/2 cup mayonnaise
1/2 cup spicy brown mustard
1/2 red onion, diced fine
3 hard boiled eggs, roughly chipped
2 dill pickles, diced medium
1 tsp dried dill or 1 tbsp fresh (minced)
20 grinds fresh pepper
1 tsp salt


Steam the potatoes until tender but not falling apart.  It usually takes about ten minutes for me but I rely more on testing with a fork than on timing.  When they’re done put them in a large mixing bowl and let them cool for about fifteen minutes.

Once the potatoes are cooled down add the rest of the ingredients and stir them together well. 

This potato salad recipe is good eaten still warm or completely cold.

Recipe notes:  I used to make this potato salad with a couple of stalks of celery and if you like you can do this too.  I stopped being in the habit of using celery when I made greater efforts to shop seasonally for my produce.  Where I live celery is a late summer and early fall vegetable.  When using a large amount of prepared mustard try using a milder one first and then if you want it to be spicier try using a Dijon or experiment with other stronger prepared mustards.  The main thing is to remember that mustard is the star flavor in this recipe.

This recipe is gluten free IF the mustard you use doesn’t use vinegar made with malt or wheat.

This recipe is NOT vegan.  To convert this recipe to be vegan: omit the eggs and use a vegan mayonnaise.

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