Oregano Garlic Zucchini Recipe

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I don’t buy summer squash in the fall, winter, or spring so when it finally shows up at the farmer’s market I can’t get enough of it.  I know that zucchini is the proverbial pest in the kitchen garden for its fecund habits, but I have never once in my life had so much zucchini I had to worry about fobbing it off on others.  I love it grilled, roasted, stuffed, steamed, and sauteed.  The only way I don’t like it is raw.

This simple recipe is my all time favorite way to eat them.  You can make this and eat is as a side or you can add it to pasta, couscous*, or rice.  You can add it to almost any other dish.  I love it best just like this!

Oregano Garlic Zucchini
serves 4


2 tbsp olive oil
4 medium sized summer squash
4 stems of fresh oregano
2 large garlic cloves


Wash and slice the zucchini: if they are thin just cut in 1/4″ rounds, if they are thick, cut in half lengthwise first and then cut in 1/4″ half rounds.

Strip the leaves off the oregano stems and mince fine.

Have your garlic loaded into a garlic press OR mince it fine.

Pour the oil in a large saute pan and turn the burner to high.  When the oil is hot** put in the zucchini and let some of them brown but not burn, they cook fast so don’t walk away from them.  It usually takes about five minutes to get some good roasted bits. 

One minute before taking the pan off the heat add the oregano and garlic.  You don’t need them in the heat long.  Be sure to stir them in well.

Remove the pan from the stove and they’re ready to eat.

Recipe notes:
  Any summer squash will be fantastic made this way.  I don’t even salt and pepper mine but of course you can add either if you prefer.  Salt is a real flavor enhancer but in this dish the oregano and garlic are flavorful enough for me.  The worst thing that can happen when cooking summer squash is to over cook them.  As soon as you see the slices start turning from chalk white to translucent, they are almost done cooking. 

*Which is technically teeny tiny balls of pasta.

**To check if oil is hot, flick a little drop of water in it, if it crackles, the oil is hot.  But obviously, be careful because it can spatter and hurt you if you flick too much water into hot oil.  Or, of course, you can test it by putting one slice of zucchini in the pan, the oil should be hot enough that the zucchini start to sizzle a bit.

This recipe is vegan.
This recipe is gluten free.

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