The Black Smock with Striped Seersucker Details

bandw shirtThis is my favorite of all the smocks I’ve made recently.  I admit that it’s largely because it’s mostly black.  With stripy details.  I should have washed my cotton gauze before sewing this because when I washed it the black bled into the seersucker a little bit.  It’s not that I don’t know about pre-washing, it’s that I’m insanely lazy and the one piece of housework I loathe with every fiber of my being is laundry.  I hate it.  I avoid it.  Here’s the other thing – I love ironing seams and hems flat but I don’t like ironing yardage because it’s unwieldy.

back bandw shirtBack detail.  I love the black and white stripes.  I want to do a jacket in pillow ticking.  I also want to do one of these over-shirts in solid black.

front facing bandw shirtThe facings continue to give surprise enjoyment.  So do the buttons.  I’m using buttons I’ve had around for ages.  No button buying for me.

pocket detail bandw shirtLove the pockets.  However, last night I ripped the damn pocket which got caught on a door knob.  I destroyed the first shirt by catching its pockets on a door knob too.  I mended it but it will never be the same.  So these big pockets are a design flaw.  What sucks is that I really love them – perfect size for shoving my hands into and for putting tissues and lip balm in when taking walks.  On future smock-shirty-things I need to consider either putting the pockets on the side seams or putting them inside.  The other option is to put a button and button-hole on the pocket to keep it closed.  But then I can’t just shove my hands into them without fussing with buttons first.  There’s nothing insouciant about that.

2 thoughts on “The Black Smock with Striped Seersucker Details

  1. Robin

    I love the surprises of the seersucker and I like the detail on the pocket … The diagonal seam. I need to see myself some new dresses for summer but I don’t see this happening soon. Mine are all faded and getting small holes. Can’t wait to see the pjs you are making. If you show us 🙂

  2. angelina Post author

    Maybe you just need to take a wee break from quilting and babysitting and make a couple dresses. It definitely takes some time and energy and you’re a very busy lady – but you’d feel so refreshed with some new dresses. I know I’m loving having some new clothes. I don’t feel nearly so hagworn now. I’ll show the pjs – why not? But only if you promise not to comment on my very poor stripe-matching skills.

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