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10 Reasons You Want to Read Cricket and Grey

I spent all morning writing up the reasons you want to read Cricket and Grey.  Please go read them at Better Than Bullets because I think I just might convince you.  But even if I don’t you’ll probably enjoy the image I put in your head of Nathan Fillion NAKED.

10 Reasons You Want to Read Cricket and Grey

I will return to regular Stitch and Boots programming in a couple of days.  In the meantime – go read chapter one of Cricket and Grey!

Read the First Chapter of Cricket and Grey

After some major indecision about what approach to take with my writing career – do I keep sending queries to agents in hopes of getting my book published in the traditional way or do I publish it myself and take on all the work that that entails?  The bottom line is that I’m ready to release this book and start writing the next one in this series.

So I am going to publish one chapter of Cricket and Grey every Monday afternoon until the whole thing is published on my blog.  While I’m doing this I’m going to format it for e-readers that you can buy as well as formatting it for print on demand copies that you can buy.  The advantage to reading the book on my blog is that if you’ve been following my whole writing process for the past three years – you don’t have to wait to read the book any longer and you can read it for free.  The disadvantage is that reading chapters in blog format is not the most comfortable format to read a book in.  The advantage to buying either an electronic copy or a hard copy is that you can read it anywhere and it’s in a much easier on the eyes.

I’m not 100% sure how I’m going to work this out but I may expire each chapter after it’s been up for a full month.  I’ll keep you posted.

Wanna find out why I had to do so much research on automatic rifles and semi-automatic pistols and the legality and method for burying your own dead?  Wanna find out what Yamhill County might be like when oil becomes so scarce that the government keeps it all for their own uses?  Go read the first chapter of Cricket and Grey on Better Than Bullets:

Cricket and Grey (winter): Chapter One

This is speculative fiction and as such I got to take some liberties with how I imagine the future but I also did a lot of research to keep it real.  I hope that you will find my novel entertaining.

Some things you may wish to know beforehand:

1.  This is fiction NOT a survivalist manual.  I pity the fool who takes it too seriously.

2.  There is swearing, though less than I do in my journal writing.

3.  I wish I was Cricket Winters.

4.  I kind of wish I was Grey Bonneville at the same time, though that would be awkward.

5.  Trying to learn enough Scots to form a super breezy exchange of pleasantries took many hours of study.

6.  I really like my villains.

7.  There are adult themes in this book so don’t read it to your seven year old.

8.  No hot sex.  I’m sorry.  But you would be a lot more sorry than me if I tried writing a torrid sex scene and then subjected you to it.

9.  My favorite character aside from the two main ones is Shockey.  I love him.  He needs a bigger part in book two.

10.  This is meant to be a four book series (winter, spring, summer, and fall).