The Free O’Keefe & Merritt Stove

Here she is, folks!  The FREE vintage O’Keefe & Merritt stove Philip got for me.  It required a visit to a dusty shanty-town near a power plant in which it would not surprise me to find a dead body in an old oil barrel (not that I go looking inside oil barrels, cause, c’mon!  Bodies get hidden in them…) and a whole lot of jostling a local with a truck to help haul it home plus this stove almost crushed Philip to death.

This stove supposedly works but the person who was giving it away (to us!) hadn’t ever actually used it himself so this is not really known.  It’s in remarkably good shape for a stove that has been lying on its side out in the open air.  Very little rust on it – definitely some rust near the pilots (not good) but the enamel is in really good shape and the chrome is also in great shape.  The whole thing is understandably dirty.

Isn’t it pretty?  It comes with cooking guides (such a convenience).  It also has the salt and pepper shakers.

Why get excited about an old stove like this?  Have you ever cooked with one?!  In our old house on Beaver Street we had an O’keefe & Merritt stove very similar to this one (but it only had one oven) and it was the best stove I’ve ever cooked on.  I left it behind because the house we were moving to up in Oregon has no gas to the house.  But boy have I missed that stove.

These stoves cost an arm and a leg when they’re restored.  It’s a lot less expensive when you start by getting it for free.  I’ll need to have it worked on inside by a place that restores vintage stoves (I’ve already found a place) and I don’t know what that will cost.  The more pressing problem is how to fit it in the kitchen.

The current stove we have is only 30″ and this one is 40″ so to make it fit we’ll have to lose some cabinets.  This is not work we know how to do so we’ll need a professional to help us.

It’s in really good shape inside too – it’s pretty clean.  Look – more instructions for my convenience!  I can’t wait to be cooking on this stove.  Philip is hoping we can have it in by Thanksgiving.  I don’t know that that’s realistic.

Two ovens and two broilers!  Think of the possibilities!  I know I am.

9 thoughts on “The Free O’Keefe & Merritt Stove

  1. Kathy

    OMG!! I LOVE old vintage stoves like this and always had one until we brought in this used commercial stove. Yours is really in remarkably good condition. So beautiful and I couldn’t be happier for you. This needed to find its way to you. xo

  2. Mecky

    Oh my goodness. You are so lucky!! FREE!!!
    My husband bought one for me about a month ago. It was extremely dirty, too. I have been cleaning and working on it before I can use it. Plus I have the same problem. My kitchen will have to do alittle changing to have a place for it!!

    Enjoy your stove! I will be checking out yur blog and coming back to check on your progress!

  3. angelina Post author

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting – how cool that your husband bought you one of these too – it’s totally worth the effort of cleaning and figuring out how to fit it into the kitchen. We’re going to have to tarp ours and wait for a few months to send it to the stove restorers – we can’t afford to do this project right now. But I’m excited to know I have it and in a few months will be able to use it.

  4. desiree

    Free! The OKM fairy was looking out for you. You’re soooo lucky. I got my first OKM about2 months ago (it’s also my first gas stove). But unlike you, I paid $350, then $100 to get it moved to my kitchen. It was in good shape, at least from the outside. Lots of rust behind the scenes, though. I’m taking my time restoring it because I want to DIY the restoration. This stove is teaching me a lot about gas stoves.

    How far have you gotten in your stove’s restoration? Any pleasant surprises?

  5. angelina Post author

    I’m afraid you’re going to be so disappointed in me – I’m not brave enough to restore mine myself and I’m afraid I can’t afford to have it restored so it’s still under a tart in the drive. I don’t know if it’s in working condition or not and I’m too afraid to work with gas lines. There’s a place near us that restores them and will pick them up. You’ve inspired me to call them at last. OKMs are THE BEST of the vintage stoves in my opinion. I’m so impressed you’re doing it all yourself!!

  6. Donna jae

    I have also acquired a old stove that was found in an old Family Farm house , It needs some TLC for sure , How do you Estimate the worth of one ?

    Donna Jae

  7. angelina Post author

    I have no idea how to estimate the worth of one. You’ll probably have to talk to someone who deals in selling them to know that. Get it appraised. But, unless you already have one, I don’t see why you would sell it – they are THE BEST stoves – better than any new ones.

  8. Donna jae

    we’ll that is true , I am doing renavations and need to clean house ! And want to sell to someone appreciates the old relecics !

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