My Morning Bicycle Ride: Food in Yards

huge gardenThis morning I took a bicycle ride through the posh neighborhood just a few blocks away.  I decided to spot and photograph all the food I could see in the gardens – mostly looking for front yard vegetables and fruits.  This particular enormous garden has long been a favorite of mine.

driveway corn and melonsI love to see people making use of driveway dividers to grow food.  Here is squash or melons and dried up corn.

persimmons and rock wallPersimmons in the front yard of a charming house that I have always admired.  But since I was focusing on food growing I didn’t snap the house itself.

pearsAcross the street from the persimmons the neighbors have two pear trees.

squash in the front yardThis is my favorite – when vegetables are used in front yards as part of the landscaping for all to see.

strange fruitWhat the hell are these?  I don’t know if they’re edible but I had to include them because they’re weird and cool.  Also – the same yard had an orange tree.

orange treeHere it is.  Look at all those wasting oranges.  That’s a real shame.

grapes and limesGrapes and limes!  I may have spotted rhubarb too but it was hard to tell and I didn’t want to trespass to find out.

applesSmall apple tree.

semisad peach treeThis was planted in the sidewalk strip and I wish I could do that in my strip but I think the city doesn’t allow it and here in my very busy very city block I think it would get the city’s attention.

driveway tomatoesThe owner of these tomatoes came home just as I spotted them.  I asked if I could take a picture of his tomatoes and he said yes, but I think he was really weirded out by me.  This is another driveway divider as garden.  I love it!

front yard veg boxDamn poor picture but this cute little house put a pretty vegetable box right near their front steps.  Super charming!

squash toms and marigoldsAnd lastly – another veg box in a front yard.  They have another on on the other side of the walkway.  I wish my tomatoes looked that robust!

That’s the end of my posh neighborhood food growing tour.

That was a really nice way to start my day.  Unfortunately, my back is hurting so I’m headed back to bed for a while longer to ice and heat it.  Hope you have a great Monday!

5 thoughts on “My Morning Bicycle Ride: Food in Yards

  1. Sondra

    There’s something beautiful about the simplicity of visible edible plants growing right out front. I was walking my dog this morning and noted that several houses had adorable planters or used plants as dividers. And your neighbor with vegetables used as part of landscaping? It makes me want to go out front right now and get rid of all of the grass.

  2. angelina Post author

    My favorite kind of garden mixes the perennials and flowers with the fruits and vegetables. It can be so pretty and practical at the same time! That’s what I want for my own front yard. We have a long way to go but this is how I’m keeping myself inspired!

  3. Anastasia

    Hi Angelina, just wanted to say those green spiky things are horse chestnuts – and no, they are not edible! but they have beautiful flowers in spring! : )

  4. angelina Post author

    I wish I had seen the flowers. Thanks for the ID on those! Horse chestnuts are actually poisonous to humans, aren’t they?

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