Angelina Williamson

913 Cherry Street, Santa Rosa, CA 95404 (707) 978-3163

What I Want:

I want to be part of a team that produces products or tools that make other people’s lives better, easier, or prettier.

What I Do:

  • Writing Chameleon:  Expert at writing friendly but professional business communications and clear concise tutorials on a number of subjects both creative and technical.  I also write engaging content on two personal blogs: Better Than Bullets and Stitch and Boots
  • Tenacious Researcher:  If you want to know how to pluck a pheasant or what the burial laws are in different states I will find out.  If you want less macabre information I will find that too because I am a determined researcher of whatever you want to know.
  • Teaching Superstar: Once I know something, whatever it is, I can teach it to others because I’m patient, flexible in teaching style, and competent at showing other people how to do things well because it gives me deep personal satisfaction.

Where I’ve Done It:

BlogHer Publishing Network 2008 – present

  • Manage a group of 300 blogs for ad compliance and other technical blog issues using Google docs and in house data tools
  • Promote the best blog content through headlines, on Pinterest, and for syndication on our network’s editorial pages
  • Train new headline editors
  • Compile lists of blogs with particular characteristics for presentation at sales meetings
  • Screen network applicants for quality of content and mechanical issues, and evaluate if they are a good fit with our network’s goals

Stitch and Boots, an urban homesteading blog 2009 – present

  • This site grew out of the strong following I gained from my retail store’s blog Dustpan Alley
  • I write clear and personable tutorials that make people feel like I’m teaching them in person
  • This post was syndicated BlogHer

Better Than Bullets, my personal writing blog 2010 – present

  • I write fearless raw content about politics, writing, mental health, and raising a special needs kid
  • Built a strong network of both professional contacts and personal friends through my writing

Dustpan Alley (my wholesale and retail business) 2005 – 2008

  • Designed, made, and sold aprons, potholders, market bags, and napkins
  • Managed vendor relationships
  • Built customer loyalty through highly personalized and stellar customer service

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