Urban Homesteading Resources

Cooperative Extension System Offices

Use this link to find the nearest extension office to you.  There you can find lots of information for free about canning and gardening.  You can call your local office to ask questions or you can request pamphlets with information such as what fruit trees grow best in your region, what garden pests are a problem in your area and how you can deal with them, and canning safety questions and basic recipes.


Nation Center for Home Food Preservation

This is a very useful website where you can access canning information and recipes approved by the USDA.  I don’t always agree with the USDA because they are of necessity extremely cautious with their recommendations to the point of overkill but they do offer solid safe canning instructions for beginners and for those who are timid about taking any chances – anything you find on this site is 100% safe practice.


Farmers Markets in the US

This page will help you find a farmers market near you.

Fresh Preserving

This is Ball’s home canning site.  Naturally there are products on this site and I’m not including this site to promote their products but because they have an incredible library of canning recipes available on this site.  So if you’re looking for canning recipes and you don’t have their big book of recipes, you really don’t need it- just look here.


Pick Your Own

This is perhaps the ugliest website I’ve seen in a long time.  Ignore the ugliness and enjoy the usefulness.  This is a useful resource for people looking for farms and orchards that have produce you can pick yourself (usually this means a more reasonable price per pound).

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