Make Your Own Knit Washcloth

washcloth-3.jpg This project was created and brought to you by my very close friend Lisa E. who is an excellent knitter with an Etsy shop called Knitpotato where you can buy pretty scarves, felted bags and bowls, and super cute crocheted caps.

Lisa is always experimenting with ways she can recycle and reuse the things she already has at home.  She gardens, preserves food, and is an excellent cook.   She is always inspiring me to use what I have in the cupboards to whip together amazing meals.  I hope you will try her project and check out her shop.

Make Your Own Knit Washcloth or Dishcloth

Why would anyone want to knit a washcloth? Because they are quick and easy to make, and the process is oh so satisfying! Knitted cotton washcloths are durable and become super soft the more they are used and laundered (machine wash and dry). Did I mention economical? One ball of cotton yarn, readily available at your local craft store for a couple of bucks will make two washcloths. Better yet, if you have odds and ends left over from other projects, it is a great stash-buster!

Making knitted washcloths is a great project for the beginning knitter or for anyone wanting a simple and rewarding project. If you are new to knitting and don’t have a friend or relative to show you the ropes, just get on the web and find a tutorial for any knitting technique you are not familiar with. You will be well-versed in the knitting basics after the first one (cast on and bind off, knit, increase and decrease), but I bet you won’t want to stop until you have a good supply for yourself and for last-minute gifts.

This project is knit on the bias.  The first half you will increase one stitch on each row creating a triangle shape, and the second half you will decrease one stitch on each row to make a square. These increases and decreases create a pretty eyelet border. 

The eyelets make it easy to hang to dry when you are finished using it.

You can easily adapt this pattern to make a baby blanket if you keep increasing until you have the desired size.

Get set to crank out a stack of these babies and have them ready for birthday presents or stockpile them for a great Christmas present along with a special bar of soap.

You will need:

Size 6 – 9 US knitting needles

1 skein 100% cotton yarn such as Lion Brand Cotton or Lily Sugar’n Cream


Cast on  stitches.

Row 1: Knit across row.

Row 2: K2, yarn over, knit to end of row. (5 st)

Repeat row 2 until you have 40 – 45 stitches depending on the desired size of your finished washcloth.

Next row: K1, K2tog, yarn over, K2tog, knit to end of row.

Repeat until 4 stitches are left. Knit one more row and then bind off.

16 thoughts on “Make Your Own Knit Washcloth

  1. Kathy

    Ohhh, one of my favorite items to knit. I think knitted washcloths are such a lovely part of bathing and cleaning and they make wonderful gifts with some dried lavender and homemade soap….which I’m so excited to try my hand at.

  2. stitchy1

    I need to learn to knit again so that I can make these! I would love to make my own washcloths. That’s why I asked Lisa to write this project. So now I’ll always have it in my files here on the site.

  3. Birgitta C

    I use yarn from flax. The washcloth dryes so quickly. However, you have to wash it a couple of times before it is perfect to use.

  4. stitchy1

    Karmyn- maybe this year you and I will learn to knit. Lisa tells me this one is an easy project to learn.
    Birgitta- I’ve never seen yarn from flax, that sounds really interesting. Is it something that can be found at most yarn stores? I find most things made from any kind of fiber get better after the first couple of washings. Thanks for visiting Stitch and Boots!

  5. Birgitta C

    Hi Angelina,
    At least in Sweden, where I live, it is not hard to find. Try a store that sells yarn for weaving. I use thin yarn.
    Regards from Birgitta

  6. Jennifer

    I learned to knit by making dishcloths. I made the normal size for my kitchen, and then when my first baby was born, I made tiny ones for washing him. I’ve been giving them as gifts for years. It’s a perfect project – small, simple – and you learn increase and decrease. Love it!
    I found your blog through SOULEMAMA. I think I could spend a lot of time here. I was raised to use what I have, and now I live in a community where that is a novelty. It’s great to see what other women like me are doing!

  7. angelina Post author

    Thanks for commenting! I still haven’t tried this – this was a guest post from my good friend who knits.

  8. Denise

    I’m starting to learn how to knit, and I’m hoping I can make this. Of course, the first direction threw me. It says to cast on stiches. But how many? being you increase each row, would that be one cast on to start? Help.

  9. angelina Post author

    Oooh – Denise – my friend wrote this post a long time ago and I don’t knit myself so I don’t know how to advise you! I will forward your question to my friend and see what she says. Great question!

  10. Sue Nigro

    I have made this washcloth many times. My friend and I weave a ribbon through it and wrap a piece of Yardley or some other nice soap in it for holiday gifts. I’m about to make one for a friend who is very ill. It’s a great little project.


  11. Beth horan

    I think you cast on 4 (four) stitches. Because the next row you increase 1 (one) and end up with 5 (five) stitches.

  12. Doris anthony

    How many stitches do you cast on for the washcloth? You said cast on but not how many? I want to make these for Christmas gifts so I would like a reply if possible.
    Thanks & bless you for posting this

  13. angelina Post author

    Doris and Beth – I didn’t write this post. A friend wrote is many years ago. Several people have asked this question and I emailed her about it last year but she never responded. I’m so sorry I can’t answer your questions!

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