Strawberry Yield: 2010

scale strawb 2.jpgThis whole yield is from second year plants that I planted at the base of my three peach trees (which are in 3′ x 3′ raised beds).  I wish I had recorded exactly how many plants I put in each raised bed but since I didn’t I’ll have to estimate that there were about 7 plants per bed. 

macro strawb 2.jpg

The first year we got only a handful of berries.  I didn’t pinch off the flowers as all garden books suggest (to strengthen the roots and plants so that the second year will be all about fruit production.

Total yield from 21 plants:  13.5 lbs

That means that each plant produced .64 lbs of fruit.

I have done some research on how much yield I should be expecting (to see if my plants are performing well or not) and there is wide variation in what yields one should expect.  So that’s inconclusive. 

What I can conclude is that underplanting the peaches with the strawberries worked really well!

Because most of the fruit is ripe before we get our hot weather here I didn’t water these once this season. 

These are june-bearing plants but I don’t know which specific variety because a friend gave them to me last year. 

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