My Favorite Recent Pinterest Recipe Finds

I have been truly enjoying using Pinterest as a way to keep track of ideas and recipes I’d like to try. I want to share a few of my recent food finds with you:


I pinned this one because a friend sent me a box of lemons and I’m trying to decide what to do with them. I’ve settled on making lemonade and this recipe has a nice twist. I love this blog “Girl Cooks World” – reading it is like traveling with her to different destinations I might never have gone on my own and has the added benefit of having only gluten free recipes so if you thought being gluten free meant a limited diet – you’ve got to check out this blog!


Vegan tamales. Cheeky Kitchen is a great blog that has gone vegan (at least for the time being). The photographs are great and the food looks amazing. I’m just learning to make tamales so I was interested to try her version. The blogger is also a kind and generous spirited person – impossible not to love.


Potato leek soup with the best garnish ever! This blog “Apron Strings” is a daughter/mom team and they make a lot of simple food with charming presentations.

Source: via Angelina on Pinterest

Beer, cheese, and sun dried tomatoes? I’m not sharing this bowl with you. You will have to make your own! This is from “A Zesty Bite”.

I read close to 200 food blog posts a day and being able to visually bookmark and then share the best of what I find is so much fun. If you’re looking for any particular kinds of recipes that you haven’t found on your own yet – feel free to tell me what you’re looking for and I’ll keep my eyes open for them and share my findings with you.  Even if it’s a meat based recipe – I read them all.

3 thoughts on “My Favorite Recent Pinterest Recipe Finds

  1. Aimee

    If I ask nicely, will you let me have a bite from your bowl? I’m afraid to make my own, because I know I’ll gobble down every last bite & put on the 3 pounds I’ve lost this week. Pleeeeease??

    Oh, I know what I’m looking for. This is an appetizer we had at Jason’s holiday company party…it was a “ravioli,” but it was crispy (Maybe wonton wrapper? Not sure, I’m hopeless at breaking down dishes.) filled with tomato chutney and lavender chevre. I could’ve eaten 70 of them, seriously. It’s my favorite savory bite EVER.

  2. angelina Post author

    Okay – I relent. I will share. I don’t need to eat all this on my own either! Sounds like a fried wonton though I have seen fried raviolis too. I’ll see what I can find. Although I don’t like chevre that sounds like something that sounds really interesting! Were they square or triangular or circular in shape?

  3. angelina Post author

    Also – good work on the loss of 3 more pounds! You have been working so hard at getting in shape and trimming down!

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