Blackberry Wrangling Progress

I’ve been working hard and looking like I tame lions for a living.  I have some thorns still stuck in my skin.  But it’s totally worth it and all the hours I’ve put into clearing the blackberries have been very meditative.  I’ve been meditating quite a bit about the evil neighbors who killed these brambles with pesticides without my permission.  Bastards.

I’ve also been meditating on cleaner and brighter thoughts too, such as how good it feels to be out there working in the plants and the fresh winter air.  Meditation for me isn’t about clearing my head of all thoughts, because that is impossible (I’ve tried many times), but about letting my thoughts come to me organically and letting them say their piece without interruptions.  I let the stream of consciousness be heard as it is formed.  Inevitably my mind settles down after a while into a theme and a flood of thoughts about something my mind has been chewing on gets released.  I always feel better afterwards.

I’m about a third of the way though the task.

Wait, no, more like a quarter.

Crap, maybe only like an eighth.  But who cares?  You can see part of the back fence again!

4 thoughts on “Blackberry Wrangling Progress

  1. Kathy

    Oh Angelina, just look at that new space you have for growing food!! You’ve done a wonderful job clearing it out.
    I’m similar with meditating. The thoughts never empty but I’m learning to let them wash over me, say their peace and then release them.

    Can’t wait to see what’s growing back there, come August. xo

  2. angelina Post author

    I have such a long way to go! Once I’ve cleared the canes I have to start digging out the roots, then heavily mulch. It is the only area in my garden where I may consider actually laying down some weed cloth. But yes – it’s coming along and I can’t wait to plant the elderberry there. My only concern is that my neighbors might spray over the fence again. I think I’ll need to talk to them about this.

  3. Ann

    What a lot of beautiful space you’re making. Even thought I super love blackberries, I know they can be a bit… well, aggressive.

    I would have freaked out on any neighbors that would spray anything over a fence. Freaked Out!

  4. angelina Post author

    If I had seen them doing it or if I had 100% proof that they did I would have already freaked out on them. The only thing holding me back is that I don’t have any more evidence than that one day my blackberries were fine and then next there was massive die off which was strongest at the fenceline and faded as it reached inwards. Exactly as if it had been sprayed. Blackberries don’t die off in that unnatural way. When the brambles are all cleared I will be approaching my neighbors to explain to them that edible things will be planted where the blackberries were and if anything in your yard is infringing on theirs to please talk to me first and not use poison. I’m thinking if the blackberries start growing back they may be tempted to spray again. That spray was so heavy that it also killed off a small tree in our yard – it was a volunteer and I didn’t want it so I’m not devastated but, I mean, it was a damn TREE they killed. Anyway, I would like the chance to deal with any plant issues myself than have them spray.

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